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Saya + 29th May 2010


Who he should have been & who he is

First of all we must know that today Kakashi is not what Kishimoto has planned to be. Actually, his first appearance should have been earlier than it happened, but then Kishimoto decided to develop a little more Sasuke and Sakura, who had to be near Naruto thru the story. But still even if he was to appear sooner, and the tought was pushed aside, he still kept his first traits of an easy going nin, who reads porn and seems half asleep.

Then we can speak about his name Kakashi, which at this point we all know the meaning – scarecrow, but in the beginning Kishimoto wasn’t really sure of using it and he had few other names to call him like: Kuwa (hoe), KaAma (scythe), Botan (peony) and Enoki (a nettle tree), but in the end Kishimoto decided that the name that suited him the most was Kakashi, and scarecrow became like a trademark for this character, like scarecrows representing him – Naruto using a scarecrow dressed as Kakashi for training.

What Kishimoto wanted to do with this character is the link between the Team 7, a good leader who sometimes seems lacking of seriousness or responsibility, but in the end when needed it comes out.

His full name is Hatake Kakashi, and in the first part he is 26-27 years old, while in the second part he is 29-30 years old. He was born on September 15th, and he is a jounin, besides being a former anbu. His team is the Team 7 composed by Uzumaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura, while in the past he was in the Team Minato and his sensei was Namikaze Minato (Yondaime) while his team mates were Uchiha Obito and Rin. He first appears in the manga in chapter 3 and in the anime he appears on the episode 3. In the anime he is voiced by Kazuhiko Inoue (in English by Dave Wittenberg in Italian by Claudio Moneta)


how he acts

Kakashi’s personality is one of a screw up ninja who so too much and who lost many loved ones. Actually for a person who have blood of many enemies on his hands he tries to deal with life as better as he can.

The first trait is being awfully late and making up strange lies about what happened – one of my favorites is "Sorry I'm late, I'm afraid I got lost on the path of life." And this is something he is actually doing to in memory of his friend Uchiha Obito, he had this problem of coming late and coming up with impossible excuses about it. But the real fact behind this not so cool ninja acting is that every time he is late, because he stops at the memorial visiting Obito and looses track of time while he is there.

Another interesting trait of this ninja is reading porn in public. He is fan number one of the Icha Icha Paradisu authored by another perverted ninja – Jiraiya. When he doesn’t need to have all the attention on the task he is seen reading it, the orange book, that Kishimoto said couldn’t tell what exactly there is written in, because that stuff is nc17.

But he also shows great concern for his team mates (after what happened in kakashi gaiden) and places them over the success of a mission. He lost to many loved ones because of not believing in it, that now days he is loyal to his team mates as much as he is loyal to Konoha. His family is team 7.

He is calm and sometimes we could say cold, but that helps him in battle to think straight even when the situation is almost exasperate. This lead him as Anbu captain for some time.

Story of life


We could say that there are three main points in Kakashi’s life – the part when he becomes Jounin and finally finding himself, the part where he gets Team 7 and needs to learn to be a good leader and teach them at the same time about team work and in the end the last part where he sees his students off and considering them at his level and not in teacher-student relationship. Those three parts are the ones that made Kakashi grow up as character.

Kakashi Gaiden makes us understand a little of Kakashi’s personality. There was a time in which he was punctual and loathed Obito for being late. He became a jounin at a young age, trying to do everything according the rules, despising his father for having put his team mates above the success of the mission. But soon he learns about team work and love in the most harsh way – losing his best friend, knowing that he was his best friend only few moments before this person dies. As a gift for becoming a jounin, he gets from Obito his eye while in Shringan mode.

The second part is when he gets to know the Team 7, and at the beginning it seems he doesn’t want to have much to do with them, but later it actually leads that from the first moment what he wants to do is teach them the team work. He goes on the mission with them, and all the time besides the fact that he teaches them various techniques he also continues to try to make them understand the importance of team work, and works mostly with Sasuke, because he is actually the one that needs most help on that part and Kakashi tries to make him understand – but at the end of this second part Sasuke still goes away leaving to go with Orochimaru, while Sakura is taken in to be toght by Tsunade, meanwhile Naruto goes to learn new techniques from Jiraiya and he is left alone in Konoha taking again solo missions.

The third part that is still not finished, because I think will be finished with the end of manga, is where they are reunited, Naruto and Sakura are at his side for more missions while continuing to search for Sasuke. The thing that is actually important in this part is when Pain attacks Konoha he dies and meets his father at the half way, where he stops and talks to him finally being able to tell him that he has forgiven him and that he is proud of him, just in time before he is pulled back by Nagato in the world of living and to go get Naruto who used to much chakra to help him come back to Konoha. (I’ll re-write this part when the manga ends, or simply where I think the third part is over)

His ties

those, who made him become who he is

Hatake Sakumo / White fang: He is Kakashi’s father, and we can say that Kakashi is who he is in his present years in the series thanks to this man, who was said been more powerful then sanins, but at the same time he was very kind and loved Konoha and his allies.

Kakashi as a kid idolized him, but then happened something during a mission, where Sakumo put his team mates safety on the first place, saving them and deserting the mission. That lead to the fact that he was discredited by the village and his teammates, leading to his suicide, and Kakashi’s heatered towards him, only later he actually understand why Sakumo did it, and become again proud of his father.

During the moments in which he is dead, when Pain kills him, he talks again to him. In fact his father wasn’t able to go forward because feeling regret, and only when Kakashi tells him that he forgives him and that he understands, he is able to go on, while Kakashi is revived by last powers that Pain uses.

Namikaze Minato / Yondaime: He is the second person who had a great impact on Kakashi’s life, his team-sensei, who tried during the years, while he trained him, to make him understand that his father wasn’t a coward, actually he did something really great and that he should be proud of him. Even now Kakashi still looks highly on Yondaime, not just because he was a great Hokage, but because he thought him life and sacrifice.

Uchiha Obito: Obito is actually the person who marked the most Kakashi’s life. At one point of his life, it seemed that Kakashi hated him. But in the end his death had a great impact on Kakashi’s way of being, because Obito was one or we could say the only true friend he had.

He was the one that helped Kakashi understand that what his father did was something to be proud of and not ashamed of. Obito during his last hours of life did the same as Sakumo, he decided to put the mission on second place and go save their team mate Rin. And that made Kakashi think, making him realize that Obito’s words were true, and that his father was a hero for doing it.

Obito saved his life when he pushed him away and get smashed under a boulder, and knowing he would die he instructed Rin to transplant his sharingan, which was awaken when Kakashi shielded him and lost his left eye, to Kakashi so he would have better use for it than him.

His death was a difficult loose for the Kakashi who just became a Jounin, and his way of being was actually 99% influenced by Obito’s life and personality.

Uzumaki Naruto: In the beginning it seems that Kakashi is looking more over Sasuke, but the actual point is that he knows that Naruto isn’t the problematic one in the team.

Actually Kakashi it may seem that he did learn something from the hyper boy, something only Naruto is able to teach the others – never to give up, whatever happens, we mustn’t give up and he is a proof of it.

Besides the fact that Naruto is his former sensei’s son, he knows that Naruto will achieve his goals no matter what. And even if Kakashi makes fun of him, he respects him and believes in him, and he will always stay by his side to support him, because that’s what team mates do and even if he is the sensei, Naruto is still his team mate.

Uchiha Sasuke: His guilt, he tried so much to make him understand the team work, that there is someone for him always, that the Team 7 is his family and he didn’t succeed in doing it, Sasuke left anyway.

Perhaps he is the one in whom Kakashi put most of the energy because he saw himself of the past in the young Uchiha. Without results he tried to make the boy learn what he learned in the past from his best friend and his sensei.

But he still tries to believe that Sasuke one day will understand what he tried to teach him when they were younger.

His Powers

his abilities

Kakashi is mostly known for his Shringan that he got implanted after Obito’s death in Kakashi Gaiden. Thanks to it, he is known as Copy Ninja Kakashi, because using it he is able to reproduce all moves he sees used (not the blood line types like Byakugan by the Hyuga clan). Later on he manages with unknown reasons to evolve it in mangekyo sharingan, but the only power he masters is Kamui (a power to alter space), because it sucks to much chakra, and the time he uses it versus Deidara, he is hospitalized for a week.

Besides that he is skillful at least in the manga with the Water and Earth type moves, and has an infinity with the Lightning. (In the anime he also uses the Fire type). And two known moves he is able to use thanks to the elements are Chidori, that later he powers up in Lightning blade.

As a ninja technique he uses Rasengan, but he never managed to master it beyond the standard level as it was planed at it’s creation to merge with the elemental chakra. Besides that he is able to use most of the techniques known and those which he saw in various battles.

My point of view

in my heart he is like this

Kakashi from the moment he came in the manga was something I ached to know more, and after so much time we saw him, I still feel that there is something that Kishimoto still haven't reveal about this guy. I love the fact that he is so mysterious, even if we already know that he is always late not because he is like that, but simply because he wants the memory of his dearest friend to live along...

I think I actually understand what Kishimoto wanted to tell us thru him, when you loose someone dear to you at such young age (I know they are nins and they face death every day), and you want him to keep living the best thing is to take some of their habits, just to feel that the person is still with you there, even if it's not. I think I actually understand a lot this part of him, because I know how it is, I personally took some traits on me after it happened, so maybe it's also because of that, that I can see what he is doing.

I even love his love for porn, it's actually so funny to see him going around with that book, and that's another thing that I actually understand (as a fan of yaoi).

I even love how he hides his face, and the fact that other characters try to actually got a glimpse of it, or just simply invent how he is under it, but that is his mark... he wouldn't be Kakashi without that mask and covering his shirngan.

The last thing, that I also worship in that man is how he believes in his students, in Naruto and Sasuke, even after what happened, he feels guilty for not stopping the Uchiha, he cares so much for them, that he feels guilty for not noticing what was happening inside the raven haired, and he believe in Naruto that he will succeed in whatever he decided to do. I love the fact that even him can believe in someone, it's nice to see that someone as powerful as Kakashi can feel like a normal human and not as he was introduced in the beginning as someone who didn't care for anything.

What I love the most about him is how the character grow during the series, becoming something spectacular.


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I decided to make a shrine to this fantastic character when in january I was rejected for the fanlisting, and I still wanted to do a tribute for him...

Name and Layout

Why skillful? I actualy had lot of names that I listed but in the end I decided for the one I think it fits him a lot and it's at the same time a logical choice, that describes this character well, while on the other hand it's not something that would be totaly him (like scarecrow or genius or assassin).

The layout is named anbu and it's one of my favourite pictures of him, it's actualy his serious side that is show, and I wanted to use something that brings out his serious self.
The layout was made on Photoshop CS4 and then coded in dreamweaver mx. The image for the layout was found at the Minitokyo site, while the fonts mostly are from DA Font.


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